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Your Clients' Experience


Help desk features that benefit your customers

Part of ensuring a high level of customer service requires your help desk software to work with (and for) your customers just as much as it works for you. SupportTrio has been designed with that in mind.

Create tickets by web or via email

Your customers can create (and reply to) tickets from the web based help desk or simply using their email client. You can setup specific email addresses that will be parsed by your help desk software (such as [email protected]) so your clients can get in touch using their familiar email client. You have the option of disabling the create via web or the create via email if you wish.


Automatic user account generation

Most support operators like to have user accounts for their clients. It helps organize information (even though our software will organize by email if no user is found) and it allows you to group users into "companies" if you desire. When a new ticket is created you can have the software automatically generate a support account for that individual.

We don't penalize your clients for updating tickets

Sadly most help desk software will reset the "duration" for tickets when a client updates their ticket. That is nothing short of penalizing your customer for including additional information. With SupportTrio the duration is the duration since the client was the last reply enabling them to update their ticket and not lose their place in your support queue.

Ticket management options

Ticket management is available for your clients as well. They can search, sort, and filter their tickets to see previous replies and manage all of their communications.

Knowledge Base Reporting

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